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Back Double-Sword Holder

New Double Sword Holders made of leather have arrived. The holders are meant to be worn on the back via shoulder straps. Those straps can be adjusted and support a perfect fit.

Cloack Pins & Beard Beads

Beard + hair beads and cloak pins made of brass or silver are waiting for you - made after originals just how Vikings used to wear them!

Drinking Horns & Waterskins

Rustic and unique! All of our horns are made of natural horn. Moreover we have waterskins for you who don´t have to be waxed inside.

New Products


Your store for medieval clothing, LARP weapons and armour

The hobby LARP and the authentic portrayal of the characters only comes to life with a proper garment and equipment. Our comprehensive range affords a large selection of medieval clothing, LARP-suitable weapons, armour as well as appropriate paraphernalia and accessories. Particularly for fantasy beeings masks, make up, Special FX, latex applications - such as elven ears or orc half masks - are essential. Due to the fact that not only portrayal but also ambiance counts, Dein-LARP-Shop offers tents, lots of decoration and useful equipment on the subject of camp life.

LARP weapons

The wide range of foam weapons provides a huge selection and should satisfy all demanding tastes. Dein-LARP-Shop offers edged weapons such as different kinds of LARP swords: short swords, one-handed swords and long swords. Also a kind of bladed weapon are daggers, which are available in short variant as throwing daggers without a fiberglass core. Furthermore other throwing weapons like for example axes, magic balls and much more can be found in our store. Those who like to fight with a large axe should take a look at the category "Clubs, Axes & Maces". This also contains other weapons of this type like e.g. warhammer. In addition Dein-LARP-Shop also offers polearms as well as long range & throwing weapons, including bows and crossbows. For that purpose there are fitting arrows and bolts as well as other appurtenances for archery. To fend off your enemy you will need a shield for defence. Shields are available at Dein-LARP-Shop in many different variants and designs.

A particular highlight among the LARP weapons are the editions of the foam weapon manufacturer Forgotten Dreams Design-Studio. These LARP swords, shields and other types of weapons are designed in accordance with the collections:

Claims to fame are the unique items of Forgotten Dreams Design-Studio, which are produced just once and doesn´t exist a second time. Almost the same applies to the "Limited Edition". The weapons of this series are fabricated in small quantities and are therefore - like the unique items - among the rare examples of LARP weapons.

Unusual by comparison with the medieval weapons might seem the apocalypse weapons of the "Dark Moon" series, which are geared to the topic Steampunk and therefore follow the trend Apocalypse LARP.

Hobbyists and individualists have the possibilty to perchase self construction kits to make do-it-yourself weapons at Dein-LARP-Shop. Here you can acquire blanks for swords and batons, foam plates, latex milk and silicone for the maintenance of your LARP weapons.

Armour made of metal or leather

Armour is the alpha and omega to be an appropriate dressed warrior for LARP as well as for Reenactment.
Depending on the kind of character you want to play, an armour made of metal or an armour made of leather fits better. Both types are available at Dein-LARP-Shop. With the single parts you can compose a full armour from tip to toe. Helmets, bracers, greaves as well as torso armour, pauldron and collars - everything can be found in our assortment. Of course you can get the appropriate chainmails and gambesons, too. With this parts you can lump together a complete armour. Otherwise we also have full plate armour and armour sets made of leather in our store.

Leather armour stands out due to the fact that it is easy to wear, can be adjusted to its bearer and is therefore suitable for everyone. Due to this we also have categories with a special range of leather armour for women and armour for children. Finally there are also female warriors and brave little knights!

Medieval Costumes - garment and accessories

A medieval garment is the basic prerequisite for the appropriate costumes - not matter if it is for Reenactment or for LARP. While the Reenactor is strictly dressed in authentic cloths, the LARP fan has more possibilities to design his costume, which can also be influenced by fantasy or steampunk aspects. Therefore Dein-LARP-Shop offers a huge range of authentic medieval garments as well as of LARP costumes.

In addition to the basic equipment - pants, shirt or tunic or alternatively blouse, skirt or dress for the ladies - you can find a great choice of further cloths. There are for example bodices and corsets, not only for noble court ladies but also for barmaids and maidservants. Brave warriors and knights will find the fitting gambeson and tabard here to complete their armour.To be prepared for cold days and nights, we recommend a cape and hood or alternatively a warm jacket, vest or a cloak.
But also little lords and ladies need medieval garments like tunics, medieval dresses or leather armour, because LARP events and medieval markets are not only for adults! For our little heroes we offer an extra assortment of cloths for children!
The medieval garment nor the LARP costume is complete without the appropriate accessories, which adds the final touch to your costume. You are only well dressed from tip to toe with robust footgear, bags and pouches on the belt, a neat headdress and eventually gloves or arm warmers.
A thematically special position takes the category Gothic Fashion. Due to the fact that the Gothic scene is inter alia influenced by the baroque period and the medieval style, there are lots of people who are also interested in medieval markets and LARP. Therefore Dein-LARP-Shop also offers a selection of Gothic cloths and accessories.

Licensed products of PC games and TV series

True to original replicas of items from well-known PC games, TV series and movies - this are the Licensed Products, which are not only a beautiful decoration for fans but for the most part also appropriate for LARP!
If you ever wanted to wear the medieval costumes of the Tudors or the mysterious outfit of the assassin Ezio, the protagonist of the PC game Assassin´s Creed, this is your chance! Or what about the armour of a Spartan from Frank Miller´s 300? In this category you can also find the weapons of Age of Conan or the popular World of Warcraft Frostmourne sword. The detailed replicas, worked after their prominent origins, make every fan heart beat faster!

Contact Lenses

A very special eye catcher are the contact lenses, which are available in many different styles. They are an extravagant highlight for your LARP costume, and gives a very special touch to your LARP-character. But they are also a sensation at carneval or Halloween parties.
The series "Stars & Jewel" add a touch of glamour to your gaze and the Big Eyes Contact Lenses optically enlarge your iris, which has a very exciting effect. For the brave among our customers, Dein-LARP-Shop supplies Motif Contact Lenses with patterns, signs, flags up to zombie, werewolf or vampire eyes á la Twilight. The UV active Glow Contact lenses react on UV-light and black light rays. Some of the products of this assortment of goods are additionally available as contact lenses with diopters. Everything to keep the right perspective!

Masks and Make up

What would an orc be withour orc teeth, an elf without elven ears? In the category Masks and Make up you´ll find everything you need to transform in such a phantastic creature.
With full masks or ears, horns, noses and snouts etc. you can change your appearance in a twinkle of an eye, fake teeth ensure the right bite. Our Make up adds colour to the game and Special FX products - like fake blood - conjure impressive effects. With this there is no limit for your phantasy and the transformation into a fictitious creature will succeed with the greatest of ease!

Camp Life

A medieval market or a LARP event will only be a great experience, when there´s a nice ambiance at the campside. To feel like home you need your own tent. Due to the fact that these events are mostly meant for self-catering, we recommend dishes and pots to cook your meal over open fire. The illumination comes from torches and candles. Everything needful for this and for cooking over open flames can be found at Your-LARP-Store at the category "Fire & Light". In addition to this there are also chests and caskets for keeping jewelry and other expensive things, ink and quills for authentic handwriting and lots of more useful items and tools at the category "Camp Life". With these goods your camp at the con gains a lot of ambiance!

Leather goods

At the category "Leather goods" you may find everything made of leather. The range comprises accessories for medieval costumes like belts, appropriate shoes and noble gloves made of leather, as well as equipment for weapons like weapon holders and quivers for archery. At the category "Miscellaneous" everything else made of leather can be found.


The category "Jewelry" should arouse the interests of the ladies, but there are also beautiful things for men. A huge range of rings, necklaces and pendants, tiaras, hair slides and earrings leave nothing to be desired. Additionally you can find a special kind of jewelry here, which was worn in the Middle Ages: fibulas. As an adequate storage for your jewelry Your-LARP-Store recomments chests, caskets or jewel cases!

ConQuest...We ´ll meet in Mythodea!

Go on, visit the ConQuest! In this category we offer ConQuest products you simply must have! Got no photo CD at the event? Order one here! Also available are the ConQuest gaming rules, ConQuest comics "Chronicles of Mitraspera" (in german), merchandise e.g. the Aniesha Fey t-shirts and the FDD Mythodea collection, including special LARP swords for the true followers of the elements.

Archery...bows and ammo...

Traditional wood arrows, IDV safety LARP arrows, quivers, special LARP quivers entertaining enough space for the larger LARP arrows, arm guards, hand guards and the appropriate indestructible fibre glass bows or bows made from ash wood, these are the manifold products you will find in Archery.

Books and magazines...reading matter(s)

The category Books and magazines encompasses comics, novels, illustrated books and magazines with medieval and LARP topics. Naturally there ´s the LARPzeit (german LARP magazine), gaming rules for role playing and a wide range of books of the Zauberfeder Verlag (german LARP publisher). DIY enthusiasts, be it for LARP, medieval or reenactment, will find tips n tricks galore, sewing patterns for your first selfmade medieval gown, instructive descriptions and historical facts.

For and cheap equipment

Medieval and LARP equipment at a reduced rate, remaining stock and articles out of production, all these you can get hold of in the %Sale% section. Even One-of-a-kind products are offered at unique prices.

We hope you enjoy browsing and shopping at your best LARP and medieval outfitter "Your-LARP-Store"!